Complementary to Other Security Solutions

Customers are often confused about where Symphion fits with their existing security solutions. The answer is: we are complementary. Even though security configuration management is the baseline of all requirements in standards, regulations and corporate security plans, it is not being done on printers or other connected corporate IoT devices.   

Other Security Solutions

Symphion solutions complement existing SIEM, DLP, embedded security software and the latest network sniffer IoT solutions. In fact, Symphion SIEM capabilities are specifically designed to feed existing SIEM solutions to eliminate common chatter associated with printers.

Other Print Security Solutions

The print industry has adopted many solutions for “pull printing” and rules-based governance by enterprise output management solutions. Symphion Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™ is complementary to these solutions that focused on user security. Instead, our solutions address cyber hardening at both the device and, most importantly, fleet configuration levels to help establish and govern security policy and to narrow the broad threat landscapes presented.