Pressures to Eliminate Cost in Print Fleets & Print Service Delivery

If you’re in charge of your company’s print fleet and service, you unquestionably face pressure to eliminate cost, while building efficiencies and maintaining excellence in business service delivery.

The key to overcoming these challenges is automation. Not 1990’s automation; but, leading edge, state of the art automation that forecasts, optimizes and eliminates cost including costs of manual effort and end user interruptions. That’s automation that includes a single source of record, adaptability to business changes and is delivered as a service.

The Answer: Print Information as a Service™

Our Print Information as a Service™ is the answer. It’s “ERP for Print”, the first service (based on advanced automation) for managed print services delivery specifically designed to eliminate costs that are present (and currently accepted) in managed print service delivery, industry-wide. It delivers true print fleet management as opposed to print device management.