IoT Cyber Security as a Service™

Cyber Hardening applied to Broader and Rapid Growth IoT Market

Regulators are recognizing the increasing exposures from Internet of Things (IoT) devices (connected devices) on corporate networks, requiring OEMs to add configurability for security.

At Symphion, we recognized this need for printers, the most prevalent and mature IoT devices, and designed our Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™ solution using artificial intelligence to identify and maintain preventative cyber hardening using the built-in security features.

To address the broader IoT market development both as it currently exists and as security configurability increases, we’ve extended our existing platform.

IoT Cyber Security as a Service™

Symphion’s IoT Cyber Security as a Service™ is our turnkey security configuration management service for IoT devices – completely and remotely delivered by Symphion. This affordable service manages the available security setting (regardless of make or model), monitors those settings and automatically remediates them to their planned, controlled state.