Symphion Innovates

Symphion Innovation

At Symphion, part of our promise is that we listen to “the voice” of customers and continually innovate to address ever-changing business challenges. Here are some of Symphion’s latest innovations.

Symphion Firmware Deployment Service™

Updating firmware in large print fleets is not being done in the field, with printers often 6-8 versions behind. Auto-updating is not advisable due to business interruption.

Symphion’s Firmware Deployment Service™ is designed to address this almost universal need. It is deployment automation for firmware payloads to enable updating to and maintaining current firmware on all in-scope imaging devices in large print fleets.

Symphion Print Fleet SIEM Feed™

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions are prevalent, yet printers and print fleets are ignored due to lack of threat awareness and/or unnecessary chatter (SIEM noise) from the 100’s or 1000’s of devices that comprise the fleet. Operational status events like toner levels, lid opened or sleep mode are not necessary threat landscape events.

Our Print Fleet SIEM Feed™ interprets the threat surfaces presented by each of the printers that comprise the fleet and provides feeds to the each customer’s SIEM.