Our Pricing

The fees for our Information as a Service™ Solutions depend on the number of in scope assets and complexity of your organization.

Adjusted (Right-Sized For Your Enterprise Size)

Because we’re focused on returning the highest value to customers and predictably in pricing, our implementation and ongoing monthly subscription fees are both fixed and right-sized based on each customer’s number of assets to be scanned and specific needs. We provide discounts such as per asset discounts for larger number of assets—all to return the highest value to customers.

Professional Concierge Services Included

Unlike software only solutions, our Information as a Service solutions each includes not only software subscriptions (no software maintenance fees), but also dedicated professional services (from our Concierge teams) to regularly support and consult with your IT professionals on an on-going bases.

Keeping Total Cost of Service Low

No FTEs Required to Implement, Deliver or Use

Just as with electrical service being provided to your business or home, your employees are not required to be involved in delivering this valuable information. Rather, you and your team focus on using the information as you need it to reduce cost, avoid risk and operate better.

Eliminate System Integrators & Projects

Similarly, no system integrators are required to implement, upgrade or administer the solution. Your concierge service team will take care of it all.

Designed To Use Existing MS Infrastructure

To be most cost effective, we designed all Symphion Software to utilize your existing Microsoft infrastructure by running on virtual Microsoft Windows-based platforms, utilizing MS SQL Server and other Microsoft applications—no matter what the enterprise size or complexity.

Eliminate Costs of Traditional Software Only

Unlike traditional software deployments, we offer subscription based fees and eliminate both the ongoing internal employee resource demands to hire, train and manage employees to support the software.

Costs Similar to Pure Software as a Service, But Better

The 2 key differentiators for Software as a Service™ solutions are low, affordable pricing and low total cost of ownership.  In designing our Information as a Service solutions, we adopted the same approach and also included the professional services provided by our remote concierge teams to deliver immediate and ongoing results and not just software.

True Enterprise View of Assets

Most Customers, before Symphion, are operating with disparate information sources from disparate software products operated by different teams, all without a true enterprise view of their IT Eco System. They are incurring more costs for software licensing and software support and for dedicating employees to budgeted projects and to the support of their environment including training costs. Our Information as a Service Solutions™ allow Customers to reduce or eliminate those costs, increase enterprise wide visibility and to focus on delivering the best services to their customers instead of spending valuable time merging reports for an enterprise view of their actual IT Eco System.

Dedicated Team Familiar with You for Additional Professional Services

One of the biggest hidden costs associated with operating any system is the cost of learning the system and maintaining that knowledge—the cost of familiarity. Our solutions are specifically designed to provide a concierge team that is familiar with each customer’s enterprise and thereby help increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.