Our Pricing


Our fees depend on the solution, number of in-scope assets, services delivered and complexity of your organization.

Adjusted (Right-Sized For Each Enterprise)

Because we’re focused on returning the highest value and predictably in pricing, fees are right-sized based on each customer’s number of in-scope devices and specific needs.

Software License Fees Included

Our fees include the license fees for all the Symphon software products utilized by Symphion for the term of the service.

Professional Concierge Services Included

Our solutions also include the dedicated professional services from our Concierge teams and our Program Management Office.

Keeping Total Cost of Service Low

No FTEs Required to Implement, Deliver or Use

Just as with electrical service to your business or home, your employees are not required to be involved in delivering. There is no operational delivery required by you. Rather, you and your team focus on your business.

No System Integrators Required

Similarly, no system integrators are required to implement, upgrade or administer the solution. Your concierge service team will take care of it all.

Dedicated Team to Avoid Hidden Costs

One of the biggest hidden costs associated with operating any system is the cost of learning the system and maintaining that knowledge—the cost of familiarity. Our solutions are specifically designed to provide a concierge team that is familiar with each customer’s systems and knowledge base of those systems.