About Symphion

Symphion, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas based software and services company focused on continual innovation, seamless delivery and dedication to excellence in customer service. Our unique solutions are designed to provide effortless delivery of results to eliminate cost and risk and increase operational efficiency.


Jim LaRoe, CEO, is Symphion’s dynamic leader with a special combination of skills, experience and insight that has driven our success. Jim is a Rice University engineer, accomplished trial lawyer, repeat successful entrepreneur and the founder and leader of Symphion as a successful international software and solutions provider.

Louis Ritchie, VP of Technology & CTO, is Symphion’s technical leader, leading our research, development and delivery since 2001. “Lou” has decades of experience in designing and implementing large-scale, mission-critical solutions and products. His background and experience before Symphion included Manager of Advanced Technologies at Abbott Laboratories, Regional Chief Technologist at global consultancy, DMR Consulting Group, and Vice President of Enterprise Integration and Competency Centers at Metamor World Wide.

Dennis Hicks, SVP, is Symphion’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. His background before Symphion included US National Director of Healthcare Solutions for a Global Print Copier Corporation, Regional Vice President for a Global ITO Outsourcing Corporation; CIO of a six-hospital system; CIO/Vice President for a healthcare ASP EMR/Portal Web solutions company; and Assistant Vice President of Operations and Development for a 51-hospital management company.