IT Blueprint™




IT Blueprint™ is Symphion’s third generation IT service mapping tool for enterprise application documentation and optimization platform that our concierge teams use to visually depict and document customers’ enterprise services including all of the component parts such as servers, network elements and software used to deliver that service. Our concierge teams also utilize IT Blueprint’s™ Performance and Traffic analyzers to assist customers in optimizing their environment.


It graphically documents each IT service from end-to-end, including information regarding each system’s component IT assets – from the involved software and interfaces to the servers, network gear, and other components – and documents how all those components work together as a service. IT Blueprint maintains it all in one centralized and easily accessible to provide a powerful and cost-effective IT service mapping solution.

Business Uses

Symphion concierge teams use IT Blueprint™ for diagnostics in delivering our IT Information as a Service™ Solutions.


IT Blueprint™ is deployed on and utilizes Microsoft technologies including MS Visio.