Costs Eliminated

Risks Avoided

Business Improved

Leaders Face Pressures to Eliminate Cost & Risk Without Resources

Business leaders face constant, time-sensitive pressures to adapt their businesses to eliminate cost and risk.  While these pressures all involve their complex Information Technology (IT) eco systems, leaders typically don’t have the automation, actionable information or workforce to act—and, the stakes have never been higher, especially when it comes to cyber security risk.

Why Symphion?

Because we understand those pressures and offer specifically designed services to affordably eliminate cost and risk involving IT eco systems and the technologies that comprise them—no matter how complex, dynamic or geographically diverse.

Our unique Information as a Service™ solutions combine: Products, our cutting edge (agentless) software products with advanced, state of the art scanning, reporting and remediation capabilities, People, our expert services teams known as a “Concierge Teams”, and Process, our proven, regular and systematic delivery processes–all essential to delivering results (not just software).

Best of all, our services are all turn-key and remotely delivered (no one sets foot on site)—freeing you to focus on what you do best—your business.

Our Solutions

Print Fleet Cyber Security

Hidden Risk:  An unsecured printer exposes not only the sensitive information on the device but also the entire network and business to harm (and limitless cost). Yet, most cyber security plans don’t even mention, let alone secure print fleets.

Solution: Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™ is our turn-key service for securing large multi-vendor print fleets. It includes best practice standards such as “Gold Standard” device security settings, automated remediation of device security settings, regular records for internal and government audits and supported transitioning to Print Fleet Cyber Security Maturity.

Print Fleet/Print Service Automation

Hidden Cost:  The Managed Print Services (MPS) industry is dependent on manual processes, inaccuracies and necessarily involves end users in service delivery— adding unnecessary (and often hidden) cost.

Solution: Print Information as a Service™ is our state of the art print fleet and print service delivery automation solution to eliminate costs in operating large multi-vendor print fleets. This service eliminates costly challenges facing the MPS industry and enables dramatic cost elimination for both Customer and MPS provider. It has been called “ERP for Print” because of its comprehensiveness.

Window Fleet Cyber Security—Coming Soon!

Hidden Risk:  Even though Windows computing devices are the most prevalent IT asset type, they are the least visible and create the most risk for businesses.  Software alone is not the answer.

Solution: Window Fleet (Cyber Security) Information as a Service™ combines the best of our IT and former Compliance (Windows) solutions with our concierge delivery to meet the increasing demands of large Windows Fleet vulnerability management.  Coming Soon!

 Information Technology

Hidden Cost: IT Eco Systems all offer great opportunity for cost elimination.

Solution: Our IT Information as a Service™ solution reports on all IP enabled IT assets in IT Eco Systems to eliminate costs of delivering IT services, identify and avoid risk and increase operational efficiencies. High impact business uses of the information include both strategic and tactical uses.

The Symphion Promise


We listen to “the voice” of customers and continually innovate to address ever-changing business challenges.


We deliver with our cutting-edge software and seamless, unique Information as a Service™ remote concierge delivery process.


We’ve been dedicated to excellence in customer service and delivering the highest value since 1999.


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