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Symphion Cyber Security Solutions

What do you get?

The Symphion Program.
Security Configuration Management (Cyber Hardening),
Remediation &

To your own chosen controls.
Designed with/recommended by Symphion.
For all your printers.
Delivered for you (no operational lift).
At one affordable, right-sized price.

Our Cyber Security as a Service™ Solutions

Print Fleets

Printer security. Printer endpoints are the 2nd most prevalent endpoints on corporate networks, but the least understood and least controlled. Printer OEMs provide advanced business capabilities and also built-in security features. But, those business capabilities create vulnerabilities if unprotected and those security features aren’t being used. The result is diverse and dynamic fleets of 100’s and 1000’s of printers throughout corporate networks not configured or patched for security, not controlled and hidden. These complex endpoints are transmitting, processing and storing your (and your customers’) valuable data and have privileged access on your network, making them prime targets for criminals. It’s a known gap. We fill it for you and keep it filled. Learn more.

Other IoT (Connected Devices)

IoT security. Internet of Things (IoT) (Connected Devices) proliferate corporate networks such as IP cameras. And, their numbers are growing exponentially, daily. Regulators have responded with increasing security configurability mandates and corresponding legal rights to individuals. Our platform extends to address these vulnerable devices. Learn more.

Advanced Technology
Our leading edge technology is the cornerstone of our advanced security solutions.
Security risks aren’t limited to one OEM’s brand. They’re all brands, enterprise-wide.
Results Delivered
Get results, not just software. Turn-key remote concierge delivery.
Symphion solutions are complementary to other security technologies.
We know you have financial choices.
We’re constantly innovating to eliminate risk and cost.