Comprehensive Vendor Agnostic Solutions

Comprehensive (Vendor Agnostic) is Essential

Businesses don’t have “brand-only” security challenges. For instance, they don’t need just their newest brand of printers cyber-hardened and maintained to their corporate “gold standard” of security configuration.  They need them all.

The Challenge

Printers and Corporate IoT devices are brand silo’d. Unlike Windows device management, there are no common cross brand management platforms. Each OEM has its own brand-limited software that is admittedly not backward compatible. Yet, businesses require solutions that address all in-scope connected devices, such as all printers in print fleets.

Vendor Agnostic is The Cornerstone of Symphion Technologies

To be comprehensive, the management solution must be vendor agnostic. We solved that challenge and it is a cornerstone for all Symphion technology.  Our technology addresses all makes, models, types and ages of devices, regardless of fleet composition.