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Our Solution—Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™

Identifying enterprise risk requires not just cutting-edge software but also an ever-vigilant effort to address the rapid changes associated with today’s IT eco systems.  It requires an information driven, regular process and technology to monitor, alert, report, remediate and record.  Our Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™ solution provides all that to identify and close these “hidden doorways” into the enterprise created by your unsecured print fleet.

Print Devices—Hidden Cybersecurity Risk

Print fleets can number in the 1000’s of devices with each device representing many potential open, but hidden doorways that can expose not only that device, but your entire network and company to information theft or sabotage.

Hidden Risk: Print Devices are Vulnerable Complex Workstations

Print devices offer advanced capabilities that provide great business benefits such as accessing the internet, storing data on hard drives, emailing in and out of the domain, downloading and uploading software, opening communications ports and enabling storage on USB thumb drives.  But, if unprotected, these very same capabilities expose your entire business to risk of information theft and sabotage.

Complex Security Settings are Available to But Not Used: No Visibility

To address these known risks, all print device manufacturers have incorporated rich security features but have not provided a way to monitor those settings in large multi-vendor print fleets. Even if security settings are turned on at commissioning, they often get turned off. Cyber Security teams have no way of knowing—no visibility.  Managed Print Service providers are equally without visibility.

Essential Evergreen Inventories through Device Lifecycle Management

First, our solution inventories these devices (regardless of make, model or location). Then, with automation we maintain an accurate evergreen inventory with comprehensive device lifecycle management—The Foundation of All Effective Risk Management.  Our solution automatically accounts for changes in device location, IP address, and device configuration and other changes.

Security Setting “Gold Standard” Controls Determined & Established

Next, our solution inventories the available security settings on each device for you to decide on your “Gold Standards” to be established per device and enterprise wide.  Symphion provides recommended best practices “Gold Standards” for each device’s security settings, you can choose your own or  you can use both.  Symphion then sets those device security settings (except settings requiring maintenance mode) to establish those Gold Standards.

Remediation: Symphion Automation Maintains Settings

Thereafter, for the term of the service, Symphion will automatically maintain your top device security settings (not requiring maintenance mode) across your entire print fleet to your “Gold Standard” – so you don’t have to!

Regular Systematic Process with Records Maintained Immediately Established

In addition to monitoring & remediation, our monthly disciplined process automatically establishes a regular risk assessment, a regular security evaluation of chosen controls and historical records of your chosen controls and measures taken to secure your enterprise. These records are readily available for auditors without requiring a project or dedicating your employees’ time.  Our process and records also match most security mandates for regular assessment and record keeping including NIST RMF.

Includes a Cutting-Edge Print Fleet Cyber Security Maturity Model and Support Transitioning

Symphion’s dedicated concierge team will also work with you to transition to our Print Fleet Cyber Security Maturity Model or your own model.