Print Fleet Cyber Security

Weaknesses in Your Print Fleet Expose Your Entire Enterprise

Less than 2% of all networked imaging devices are secure. One unsecured printer is all it takes to expose your entire enterprise to risk. To further complicate matters, print fleets often number in the 1000’s of devices and are typically comprised of multiple makes and models. Most cyber security plans don’t even mention, let alone address them. They’re a known gap that has gone unaddressed.

Until now, there has been no way to establish and maintain cyber security controls in multi-vendor print fleets except with costly, inefficient manual effort.

The Answer: Symphion’s Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™

Our Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™ economically and systematically addresses this unaddressed gap with supported, immediate transition to print fleet cyber security maturity, on-going automated remediation of your chosen controls and records of it all. Results, delivered.