Symphion Multi-Function Imaging Device Fleet Optimizer





SMFID™ is an enterprise management and monitoring station for cross-vendor multi-function imaging device fleets.

Key Features

Some key features of and capabilities using SMFID™ are:

  • Inventory—All Makes, Models and Locations
  • Vendor Agnostic Management
  • Click Count Management
  • Enterprise Volumes, By Device, Make, Model, Location
  • Click Count Anomalies–Proactively Alert, Identify and Address Click Count Anomalies—All Makes, Models
  • Identify Inefficiencies/Opportunities For Improvement in existing Fleet or MPS
  • Cost Analyses
  • Device Lifecycle Discovery and Tracking
  • Enterprise Inventory Management including location change alerts
  • Device Dead or Alive Monitoring
  • Immediate Trouble Detection and Alerts
  • Resolution Management (ticketing)
  • Predictive Alerts
  • Supply Management / Replenishment / Forecasting Alerts
  • Preventative Maintenance Forecasting
  • Onboard consumables Inventory Management
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Trouble Alerts
  • Service Level Reporting
  • Uptime Reporting—Know when an alert happens and is resolved, not just ticketed
  • Historical Records
  • Trending
  • Supply Replenishment—Forecast, Predict and Automate Supply Replenishment Process
  • Geographical Modeling—Develop Living Maps of Fleet locations and changes
  • Device Visualization—Visualize Each Device
  • Historical Repository—Effortlessly maintain historical records of activities
  • Trouble Alerts
  • Real time analytics Engine
  • Specific Vendor Metrics
  • Many, many others.


SMFID™ contains approximately 100 stock reports and each screen is printable and exportable to MS Word and MS Excel.

Example: Symphion’s Master Configuration Report

There are many aspects to successfully managing large IT Eco Systems. Some of the less considered are evergreen inventory and the configuration history of the inventoried assets. Symphion delivers accurate evergreen inventory along with historical configurations of each of the individual assets within the scope of the service. The inventory and historical configuration of each asset is available in our Master Configuration Item Report from SMFID™. The report lists every item within and attached to the inventoried asset (except for the color of the machine). Each asset type has a unique configuration. For instance, with a print asset a major concern may be onboard supply levels and print options such as a stapler or finisher. There are countless configurations reported and available regarding each asset.

Business Uses

Symphion concierge teams use SMFID™ to deliver our Print and Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™ solutions.


SMFID™ is deployed on and utilizes Microsoft technologies.