Your Print Fleet Exposes Your Entire Enterprise

Just one unsecure setting on one printer is all it takes to expose your entire enterprise and put your valuable information at risk. Most cyber security plans don’t even mention, let alone address them. That can all change, now.

10 (11) Things You Should Know About Printer Security

  1. No one is protecting you.
    No one, not your printer OEMs, your service providers, not the printers themselves–nobody. Legacy industry behavior in printer management is to manage to open factory defaults including new installs and factory resets after each service.
  2. Criminals know where your printers are and their vulnerabilities, even if you don’t.
    For example, Anonymous hacked all the Kremlin printers at the onset of the Ukrainian conflict in minutes.
  3. Printers open your perimeter, your edge, whether you know it or not.
    Zero trust is not attainable without including printers.
  4. They process, transmit and store your most valuable information.
    Such as ePHI or customers’ financial data. Yet, they’re unprotected, untracked, unmonitored and on wheels.
  5. Change is constant, highly underestimated and not addressed.
    Changes in configurations, printers in the fleet, networks, business and in your security requirements.
  6. Firmware is highly complex and not the same as patching PCs or servers.
    Manufacturers’ “READ.ME” files recommend against patching because of complexity and breakage.
  7. Firmware updates add features, operations updates and security patches.
    Yet they’re undocumented, often hidden.
  8. The “auto” or “self” anything settings (often recommended) are a really bad idea.
  9. CVEs don’t cover printers. There are a few, but not many.
    VMDR scans on printers are effectively pen tests, only reporting a fraction of the extreme vulnerabilities.
  10. The settings to harden to the most stringent NIST or DOD are often already built in, there has just been no cross-vendor/model management automation to do it.
  11. If you’re a provider, HIPAA requires it.

What are your options?

  1. Status Quo: Wait until something bad happens, continue to gamble the company and your job.
  2. Lip Service: Attempt DIY. Break stuff, interrupt patient care and increase your vulnerabilities and blind spots. This often includes what we call “Set and Forget”.
  3. More Lip Service: Managed Print Service provider (your printer and supplies reseller, break/fix services provider) attempting it; same results.
  4. “Just Do It”, as Nike says. Call Symphion.

Who’s Choosing Symphion?

We’re not right for everybody. However, many of the largest healthcare providers have turned to Symphion to fill this security gap (and keep it filled) for them.

“I have found Symphion to be professional, customer driven and overall a great experience to work with here at Mayo… We have a large printer fleet and Symphion has driven many best practices and it has been a learning experience for our entire I.T. team. Additionally, the journey to making our printer fleet more secure has been seamless… I would recommend Symphion for helping you secure your printing environment.”

Kurt E. Thomason
Enterprise Infrastructure Services
Information Technology
Mayo Clinic

The Answer: Symphion

Symphion’s Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™ establishes and maintains a comprehensive print fleet cyber security program that includes all the printers in your fleet, perpetual cyber security hardening and patching, and is turn-key delivered and maintained by Symphion professionals.

Benefits Delivered

  • Established program of print fleet cyber hygiene that perpetually hardens, patches, monitors and maintains your chosen controls on all printers in your print fleet.
  • Seamlessly adapts to changes in the printers, fleet, service personnel, network, business, audits and regulations.
  • Remotely delivered solution by Symphion trained concierges, eliminating operational responsibilities for your organization.
  • Predictable TCO: All-inclusive pricing (per device with minimum levels) including software license fees and professional services to meet most budgets.

Some Key Features

  • No operational responsibility. Remotely Delivered by Symphion Trained Concierges for you.
  • Consulting is included: Program Management Office (PMO) to advise, direct and guide you.
  • Controls Implemented to Avoid Business Interruptions.
  • Symphion Software Monitors and Maintains Your Controls.
  • Firmware updates included.
  • Security Certificate Deployment management.
  • Records maintained and comprehensive on-demand reporting included.

Symphion, the world leader in comprehensive print fleet cyber security, gets it done for you and keeps it that way.

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Print Fleet Cyber Security, What You Need to Know

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