Symphion Launches Vendor Agnostic Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™ Solution

New service is industry’s first option to efficiently and effectively secure the forgotten server – the printer 

Dallas, TX – August 1, 2018 –  Symphion, Inc.,  a leading software and services company focused on affordably eliminating risk and cost while maximizing operational efficiency in information technology, today announced the official launch of the Symphion’s Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service™ solution. This new offering from Symphion is the only service available today to easily and cost-effectively secure large print fleets.

One of today’s greatest unknown security risks arises from the legacy behavior of ignoring the security of printers, leaving them unsecured as open doorways for threats to both the printers’ data and the entire business. Security, compliance and information technology departments are managing the security configurations of servers in their data centers, as well as their desktops and laptops, but are ignoring their printers – even though the risk of breach is greater with printers. And nowhere is this more dangerous than in the printer-dependent healthcare industry, despite HIPAA mandates to safeguard the protected health information (PHI).

Currently, companies typically do one of five things for printer security, nothing, manually secure printers, replace entire print fleets with a single manufacturer’s latest printers and use the OEM’s brand limited software, rely on managed print service providers, or rely on network incident detection software. Each has flaws that prevent them from securing large print fleets and that continue to place an enterprise or healthcare system at risk. Doing nothing puts hospitals at extreme (and increasing) cyber security risk and ignores express HIPAA mandates for healthcare providers. Manual effort to secure printers is cost prohibitive and not feasible because large fleets are too diverse and dynamic. Replacing an entire print fleet with one manufacturers latest printers to use their brand limited management software is too expensive, still requires employees to operate and will not address the diversity of brands and models in large print fleets.  Common print device management software used by managed print service firms has technical limitations with no visibility to cyber security configuration of printers and managed print services employees are not trained in security.  Finally, network incident detection software does nothing to secure printer configurations and is usually deselected due to the constant chatter that printers produce.

“The current state of cyber security of printers in large print fleets is frightening,” stated Jim LaRoe, Symphion’s chief executive officer. “Symphion’s vendor agnostic solution is the only solution capable of hardening the printers in any large print fleet and keeping them hardened.”

Symphion’s Print Fleet Cyber Security as a Service is a turnkey printer security configuration management service for large print fleets – completely and remotely delivered by Symphion. The service manages the security configuration and monitors hourly that each printer (regardless of make or model of the printer) is configured correctly and automatically remediates security settings to their planned, controlled state and adapts to changes. It only takes one printer to allow for an attack or data breach.

Symphion Print Fleet Cyber Security Service Overview:

  1. Products: Symphion’s unique, vendor agnostic software products resolve the complexities inherent in any large print fleet by automating print fleet device inventory, printer security configuration management (leveraging each printer’s built-in security settings), and compliance reporting (all without the technical limitations of OEM or other print fleet management software).
  2. Professionals: Symphion professionals known as “Symphion Concierges” work remotely to implement and administer the products and deliver the ongoing service including responding to changes and service requests– thereby extending your team; and,
  3. Process: Symphion’s continuous process of inventorying, assessing, monitoring, remediating and reporting on your print fleet matches leading cyber security industry best practices, policies and standards such as the HIPAA Security Rule, the NIST Risk Management Framework, Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls, HITRUST and others.

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