IT Services


The Necessary Facts

Whether you’re a busy CIO, VP of Infrastructure, Desktop Manager, or Server Manager, you must have the facts to effectively do your job. And, you don’t have time to wait on a lot of different experts or projects or silos of information in different software packages to get those facts. You need an enterprise view of your whole IT Eco System with drill down capabilities when you need it.

What Does Symphion Do?

Our dedicated concierge teams use our cutting edge software products and our proven process to provide the facts. We constantly scan your IT enterprise, regardless of make up or complexity, to gather data. Then, we use that data to provide the comprehensive information that you need, when you need it to deliver.

Process Driven Delivery

IT Information as a Service™ is not automatic. It’s an end-to-end, ongoing process that includes implementation, ongoing administration, adaptation to environmental changes in your IT Eco System, ongoing analyses and documentation throughout the term of the service. Our concierge teams follow a proven delivery process to ensure that your information is accurate, comprehensive and available to you as a monthly disciplined process.

On Demand Response–Remote Concierge Team

One of the most unique aspects of our remote concierge team approach is availability to address information needs as they arise. Each concierge team is, in addition to monthly reporting, also available to provide custom reporting, combine reports and respond to specific informational needs—as they arise.

The Information

Our historical versioned repository and monthly report packs make detailed analyses including trending, ad hoc and custom reporting always available.