Patient Care Improved

Risks Avoided

Costs Reduced

Effective Decision Makers Must have the Facts

Business executives (at all levels) are constantly faced with important business decisions involving dynamic and increasingly complex Information Technology (IT) Eco Systems.

Yet, typically, they don’t have the facts necessary to decide.

At Symphion, it’s our business to deliver those facts about complex and constantly changing IT Eco systems and the technologies that comprise them—no matter how complex, dynamic, disparate or geographically diverse– 24/7/365—so that executives can effectively make those important decisions.

What Does Symphion Do?

We provide specific solutions that combine our cutting edge (agentless) software products with advanced, state of the art scanning capabilities, our dedicated professional services teams known as a “Concierge Teams” and our proven, regular and systematic delivery and reporting process—and do it all remotely, as a service, without setting foot on site.

Our dependable “Information as a Service” solutions are all designed to seamlessly provide the current, historical and comprehensive information (the facts) about Customers’ technologies and IT systems necessary to enable them to make informed decisions.

Our services cover 3 major areas: Information Technology, Print and Compliance (Security).

Our Solutions

computers3 (1)Information Technology


Our IT solutions focus on providing valuable information to enable identifying and reducing the costs of delivering IT services, identifying and avoiding risk and increasing operational efficiencies. High impact business uses of the information include both strategic and operational uses.

news26 (1)Print


Our print solutions help solve challenges facing the print and print services industry. We applied our in-depth IT based framework to provide state of the art solutions to identify and eliminate costs by enabling fleet optimization analyses and decisions, efficient managed print services delivery, enterprise analyses, and many other focused uses.

verification5 (1)Compliance


Our compliance solution provides a platform and process of intelligence and historical records to assist in compliance with the IT requirements of regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, and other standards.  We combine the best aspects of state of the art weakness/vulnerability reporting, “gold standard” configuration asset analysis, IT asset management and configuration reporting.

The Symphion Promise


We listen to “the voice” of customers and adapt to ever-changing business challenges through continual innovation.


We deliver all our solutions with our seamless, unique Information as a Service remote concierge delivery process.


We’ve been dedicated to excellence in customer service and delivering the highest value since 1999.



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