Comprehensive Concierge Print Enterprise Reporting

All our Information as a Service™ solutions are designed to provide actionable information — with the goals of eliminating cost, risk and increasing operational efficiency. We do that with concierge level reporting combined with a regular systematic delivery process to provide a monthly audited report pack, ad hoc reporting, custom reporting, self-reporting and web conferences.

The Symphion Monthly Audited Report Pack—Discipline Established

The cornerstone of our delivery is The Symphion Monthly Audited Report Pack.

Our Print Information as a Service™ reporting (print enterprise reporting) systems provide over 100 Stock Reports covering all conceivable information and analytics for each customer’s entire imaging Eco System including asset management, complete configuration reporting, performance analysis and many, many others.

At the beginning of each service, customers choose the reports and metrics that they want their Symphion concierge team to produce each month. Then, each month their Symphion team will produce and analyze a packet of those chosen reports, audited against their chosen metrics and will provide that Symphion Monthly Audited Report Pack (in Microsoft Excel with pivot tables, roll ups and stop light reporting) to decision makers. Customers, with sufficient notice, can change reports and metrics to be included in each Monthly Audited Report Pack as their information needs change.

Some Key Print Information as a Service™ Stock Reporting Includes:

  • Inventory, Supply & Consumables, Serial Number, Vendor ID, Location, Manual Entries
  • Device Configuration
  • Billing/Clicks & Contract Renewals
  • SLA Status, Breach, Near Breach, Availability, MTTF, MTTR
  • Device Relocation
  • 360 Degree Picklist, Break Fix, Replenishment, Forecasted Visits, Departmental Health Check
  • Toner Consumption, Usage, Waste, Cost, Frequency
  • Device Performance & Utilization
  • Fleet Optimization, Utilization, Manufacturer Recommendations, Yield Efficiency
  • Top-10’s, Most, Least
  • Financial Reporting, Device, Location, Facility, Cost Center, Fleet, User Defined

Ad Hoc Reporting

In addition to our audited Monthly Report Pack, each Symphion-dedicated concierge team is available to produce additional stock reporting as needed. Each Information as a Service™ includes allocated Ad Hoc Reporting.

Custom Reporting

Oftentimes, informational needs arise that aren’t already addressed in our stock reports. Because our Information as a Service solutions are all designed to respond to your needs for the facts, as your needs arise, each Symphion-dedicated concierge team is also available to report on whatever informational needs that you about your IT Eco System and to produce custom reporting to address those needs.

Monthly Web Conferences

Depending on the engagement terms, Symphion’s dedicated concierges are available for one (1) hour monthly web conferences to cover each Symphion Monthly Audited Report Pack with your team leaders. Leaders often use these conferences to establish a key monthly operational discipline.