“One-Time 100” Trials

To prove the power of this solution, for pre-qualified customers, Symphion will implement, scan and produce a cyber security report pack of the security weaknesses/vulnerabilities found in 100 of your networked print devices. A live Symphion expert will review the report pack with your team. One-Time 100 trials typically take less than one (1) day.

Some actual results from a One-Time 100 scan:

  • Admin Password Not Set (Walk Up and Change Admin Settings)
  • Control Panel Password Disabled
  • USB Port Not Disabled
  • FTP Enabled
  • Not SNMP v3, SNMPv2 Not Disabled
  • PJL Enabled w/o Password
  • Remote Configuration w/o Password Turned On
  • Data Erase Not Enabled
  • Network File System allowed Drive to Be Exposed to PCs
  • Firewall Not Set
  • Email Ports Open