Tactical Uses

Leaders are constantly faced with tactical challenges that often involve their entire IT Eco Systems, such as:

Technology Refresh

How can we best refresh X technology? How much will it cost? What are the costs of different approaches?

Enterprise wide technology refreshes are routine IT best practices for many reasons such as increased risk and cost, including the fact that older technologies cost more to maintain and operating systems are regularly being retired by their manufacturers. We support these operations with IT Asset Management—from procurement, through provisioning to end of life disposal. We also include mass data entry tools specifically designed for large scale procurements before provisioning on the network.

Audit Response Platform

How are we going to respond to regular and varied, urgent audit requests?

Audit response can be both disruptive and costly, we routinely provide information and records to support many different audits including financial, insurance, and internal audits. Our concierge delivery model enables responsiveness to auditors’ requests within hours or days during an audit rather than the weeks associated with other approaches.

Problem Resolution

Why was a virus patch for an imminent attack not installed? Why is our network bogging down?

Problem resolution is perhaps the most favored use case by our customers. During a crisis, such as attack by a virus, customers contact their concierge team by email and we can provide the specific information that they need to make the decisions to resolve the problem. Our performance and traffic analyzers, built into our software products that come with the service, also enable detailed network analysis to assist in problem resolution.

Project Implementation Support

What is the best, most cost effective approach for us to our Electronic Medical Records system (EMR) project roll out/ upgrade?
Do we have the required, compatible infrastructure? How much will it cost to purchase it?
How are we doing?

Projects such as Electronic Medical Record systems implementations, technology refreshes and large scale implementations require accurate and ongoing information about IT infrastructure throughout the life of the project to not only plan but to support ongoing delivery of the project. For instance, EPIC system implementations require, among other things, certain configurations of workstations and output devices. We make that information immediately available, as you need it, when you need it to make those project-based decisions.

Some Other Example Questions Answered

Are we standardized on one virus protection vendor to reduce costs?

How many images are we managing of our desktops and why?

Is our Disaster Recovry site truly a mirror or our Tier 1 production applications?