Strategic Uses

Leaders are constantly faced with strategic challenges that involve their entire IT Eco Systems, such as:

Cost Reduction—Merging IT Infrastructures Following Merger and Acquisition

How can we most effectively merge infrastructures? What comprises each infrastructure?

We provide the comprehensive IT infrastructure inventories, configurations and, if desired, large grain application modelling to enable consolidation, standardization and logistical decisions required to merge disparate IT infrastructures (and reduce costs) or to help manage them separately until consolidated.

Cost Reduction—Right sizing Licensing and Support Purchasing

Are we overpaying for our software or support licensing?

A key cost reduction opportunity is available with right sizing and utilization facts to support enterprise license purchasing, and renewal decisions and negotiations. Rather than relying on vendors’ records or procurement records, make the best decisions using your own records. Symphion Software is specifically designed to identify underutilized software titles throughout the IT enterprise.

Cost Reduction—Standardization and Enforcement

Is it possible for us to standardize? How are we doing?

Standardization of technologies including virtual images is essential to both cost reduction and improved operational efficiency. We provide the facts to support standardization decisions, ongoing progress and enforcement.

Cost Reduction—Eliminating Under-Utilized or Legacy Applications

Can we eliminate applications that we are supporting but not using?

A key to eliminating cost (and risk) is eliminating the applications that you are not using. Our technologies enable such decisions both in the initial analysis and ongoing.

Identifying Risk—Enterprise Storage Capacity

Where are we at risk of running out of disk capacity?

Low or lack of disk capacity not only introduces risk, including preventing logging, but also has the potential to bring key applications to a halt. Our standard monthly report packs include comprehensive enterprise disk capacity multi-reports to allow your decision makers to act proactively.