Getting Started Overview

Rapid Implementation Process

Rapid Remote Service Implementation by Design

Symphion’s Information as a Service™ delivery is designed specifically to be immediate, to not disrupt customers’ normal business operations, to utilize customers’ existing Microsoft infrastructure and to be a secure architecture that universally fits within even the strictest IT security models and regulatory requirements.

Initial Customer Conference/Plan–Essential

It all starts with our initial customer web conference and planning call. In this, usually one hour, conference, we meet with customer’s employee(s) knowledgeable about your network, server, security, database and desktop organization to discuss and answer questions about your IT Eco System, to discuss the minimal required pre-implementation Customer set up and to discuss any complexities involved. Many customers assign an internal person or project manager to shepherd us through the various customer set up requirements including this initial call.

Customer Pre-Implementation Set Up

Each Customer’s set up will depend on the chosen services delivered and on that Customer’s IT Eco System. Symphion will provide a plan that includes the solution’s requirements and a specification sheet for each Symphion Software Product utilized. Some specified set up items may include:

  • Application Server(s) Required
  • MS SQL Server—Separate Server
  • Community Strings for SNMP scans
  • Admin Rights For WMI scans
  • ID person to respond to Symphion during implementation process
  • VPN or Citrix Set Up for Remote Access

During this time, Symphion will also work with Customers’ security teams to answer any questions or fill out forms.

Secure Delivery Architecture—Ongoing Administration

Information as a Service™ delivery model is based on a secure architecture that universally fits within even the strictest IT security models and regulatory requirements. We utilize measures such as virtual private network access, multiple authentications, tiered privilege access to each Symphion Software Product, complex password requirements and logging.

No Effect on IT Eco System

Agentless, No Additional Software Required

Perhaps, the most significant differentiator for Information as a Service™ delivery is that none of Symphion’s solutions require the installation of software on target assets (commonly referred to as “agents”) for those assets to be scanned and reported on. In Healthcare, as in most industries, the word “agent” is truly a four-letter word. In many instances, health information system manufacturers have been known to de-certify (not support) their systems when healthcare providers have installed agents on them. Also, introducing agents as another software title to be versioned, updated and managed, especially in a customer’s virtual image catalog, adds unnecessary additional work (cost) for already overburdened IT professionals and more complexities for increased help desk pressure (cost).

Not Accessing ePHI, Not Business Associate

Our solutions are specifically designed to not access Protected Health Information.

Some Frequently Asked Technical Questions

What is the effect on our network of the scans?

Most scans are the size of an email and are generally unnoticeable.

Can you integrate with our Help Desk application?


What about our assets in our DMZ?

We are able to scan those in a secure fashion by integrating with your current DMZ solution such as Solarwinds.

Do you offer agent based solutions as well?

Yes, on a very limited case by case basis.

How do we deploy multiple Symphion solutions in the same data center?

Each solution is architected to satisfy the needs of the customer and will be designed by Symphion. Each Symphion Software product is deployed on a separate application server (physical or virtual) and all Symphion software is designed to share a database server.

Will you scan our medical devices?

Most customers have their medical devices on separate subnets that we do not scan.

Will Symphion Software work with our Citrix servers?