Some High Impact Information and Previously Unsolved Challenges

Comprehensive Enterprise Analytics—Single Pane of Glass

How are we performing today?

Complete imaging enterprise inventories, statistics, trending and details are just a few clicks away—and always available. It’s easy to stay on top of enterprise imaging inventories, volumes and fault alerts as they occur. Analytics range from enterprise image counts (also known as “click counts”), volume and fault trending, fault state by device, time to fault resolution (uptime) and many others including many “Top 10” lists. Customers use this rich information for activities such as monthly bill preparation, monthly bill auditing, and support for technology refresh or technology consolidation/optimization, RFP development and contract negotiations.

Fleet Summary—Always Inventory

What imaging devices make up our enterprise? What makes, models?

How old is each?

Should we replace them?

Perhaps, the most important (and immediate) information need is for a comprehensive, evergreen inventory and total life cycle asset management of all output assets. Most businesses are challenged with maintaining even the most basic inventory of all makes and models involved in their print enterprise. With our advanced technologies, we provide customers with up-to-the-minute inventories of output assets, regardless of make, model or location including multi-function printers, printers, scanners, faxes, fax servers, etc. We address multi-vendor, geographically disparate enterprises with ease.

Fleet Cost Analysis—Identifying Waste

How much does our fleet cost us to operate? To lease?

What are our costs by location, by department, by model, by vendor?

Fleet cost analysis is at the core of cost reduction and optimization. Our service provides rich analytics capabilities to allow customers or their service providers to compare costs by many different factors such as by manufacturer, model, location, print type, supply usage and/or uptime. They can compare costs of devices, locations, models or any other factor to each other. Each concierge team is available to report costs in different formats including costs per click.

Essential Enterprise Volumes/Image Counts

What are our Volumes/Click Counts?

Are we being billed correctly?

How do we account for multiple departments, locations, vendors?

Enterprise volumes on all meters on all devices regardless of make, model or location are available 24/7/365. Use this valuable information to optimize the fleet, optimize by location and compare usage to manufacturer recommended duty cycles or set your own.

Eliminating Click Count Anomalies

How can we reduce or eliminate inaccurate billing and re-bills?

One of our more important analytics is automation to address false reporting by multi-functions printers (referred to as “click count anomalies”). Oftentimes, multi-function devices report volumes that are not accurate*. To address this anomaly, we developed an anomaly alert and remediation to help identify and address these inaccuracies before billing.

*  A well-documented industry wide challenge—regardless of manufacturer.

Must Know Device Details At All Times

In addition to comprehensive fleet analytics, we provide detailed configuration, life cycle, supply and other detailed information about each device. If the information is not in the device detailed view, we can also log directly into the website of each particular device from our console. We can also visually depict all of the technology relationships to the particular device.

Convert to Proactive Service with Predictive Alerts

How can we reduce or eliminate interruptions in service/downtime?

Perhaps, the most significant information provided is through our monitoring and alert/fault notification capabilities. Our rich solution provides alerts (both emails to assigned subscribers and rolling banners across the console) including all of alert capabilities available on each device.  Alerts include:

  • Dead or alive monitoring
  • Supply alerts
  • Fault notification
  • Service required
  • Location changes
  • Contract termination dates
  • Click count anomalies

Alerts/notifications and monitoring information allows users to be both strategic in identifying problem devices or locations and operationally responsive by managing their fleet enterprise with near real time information.

Proactive Consumable Replenishment

Why are we paying for downtime (due to toner or paper) when it can be avoided?

Our analytical engine allows proactive monitoring of all onboard consumables, including service kits.  We accurately track and predict consumption by using multiple methods.  In most cases, we can forecast within an hour of a device’s consumables reaching the user definable approaching empty notification.  Our solution sends notifications based on user preferences. 

Manage Consumable Stocked Inventory—Predictive Ordering

How can we reduce or eliminate our inventory management costs?

Just-in-time supply ordering.  We maintain the status of onboard supplies from all makes and models.  Low supply levels will generate an alert that is sent to subscribed users.  Our built-in inventory management capability helps ensure fulfillment of onboard MFP supplies.  Our inventory module has check-in and check-out capabilities along with multi-site inventory.  Analytics monitor inventory levels as compared to Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) reorder points, while our historical repository keeps track of stock lead times.  User definable low inventory alerts are part of the system subscriptions.

Eliminate or Reduce Busy Clinicians’ Involvement in Print Services Delivery

Why is our services vendor relying on our busy clinicians to tell them when a MFD is down?

Leverage our extensive alerting system to provide significant value and cost reduction through immediate alerts of trouble sent directly to service providers (bypassing busy healthcare professional involvement).

Bypass or Reduce Expensive Help Desk Involvement and Associated Cost

Why are we using our expensive help desk to support printer paper jams and toner refills?

Reduce costs by sending trouble alerts directly to service providers (bypassing expensive help desk calls).

Leverage Automation to Reduce Cost

Eliminate Manual Effort to Read Volumes—Reduce Cost

Why should our service provider have to walk around and make manual meter reads?

We’ve included a 200 customer-identified, tethered (USB & wireless connected to a computing device) imaging devices in our Print Information as a Service to specifically allow service providers to eliminate manual effort to make those monthly reads on imaging devices that are not directly network connected. 

Uncover Departmental Hidden Paper Printing—Reduce Cost

Can we eliminate or reduce our paper usage in our revenue cycle department?  Or, our medical records or other paper intensive departments?

We can monitor all output from up to 200 workstations in a high paper usage department to provide the facts necessary to address removing it.

200 Customer Identified Tethered Included

Vendor Selection, Renewal, Management

Why should we rely on vendors to tell us how they’re doing? How can we design a request for proposal without all the facts about our entire fleet? We maintain current and historical inventory, volumetrics, uptime/downtime and many, many other metrics by make, model, manufacturer, location, department or enterprise. Customers use those metrics to better manage their vendor relationships. Vendors use our service to provide more transparency to customers.

Uptime (Not Response time) Reporting—The Key Metric

If we’re paying a vendor to keep us up and running, how can we tell if they’re doing what they promised? We enable management and contracting based on uptime, not response time.

Assimilate Multiple Vendor Contracts/ New Locations

We just acquired a new hospital/physician’s group. How do we know how/what to assimilate? We provide comprehensive facts about all networked imaging devices in the field of scan. Use these facts to make decision about how to best standardize, consolidate and remove cost.

Service Level Reporting

New! Our service level agreement (SLA) management module allows our concierge teams to monitor and report on current and historical performance against your chosen metrics. We measure enterprise print management system performance, availability and reliability by using quantitative measures. We can track, monitor and alert based on measured metrics such as frequency of breakage, time to repair, and can provide an overall source of record for system availability and responder performance. The information assists both vendors and customers in buying, staffing and deployment decisions in addition to preventative maintenance services oversight.